ATTENTION: Youtubers/ Twitch Streamers

Dear Youtubers/ Twitch Streamers,

LIV SDK Mixed Reality

We have made it easy for you to stream/broadcast your Youtube/Twitch channels.
LIV SDK has been integrated perfectly in The Cooking Game VR.
Now you can show off your best looking “chef hat + apron + chef attire”, with your lovely game face in Mixed Reality!
Here’s one of the examples you can do:


No Green screen required

Fancy celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay who seems to get a lot of actions in kitchen?
Now this is your HELL KITCHEN! :steamhappy:

To learn more how to set up LIV for Mixed Reality streaming, visit this page:
LIV Mixed Reality Wiki

Free key for Youtubers/Twitch Streamers

Additionally, you can request free key from us from website.
Here’s the link to The Cooking Game VR page:

*Please note that due to limited numbers of keys available, we can only offer it to Youtubers/Twitch Streamers who have done VR game streaming in the past and must have good amounts of views and subscribers.

How to promote your Twitch/Youtube channel

1. Join our Discord server and share your Youtube/Twitch channel
The Cooking Game VR Discord
You can notify the community of your upcoming live stream.

2. Tweet to our official Twitter page
Be sure to use hashtags #thecookinggamevr

That’s all, folks!
Happy cooking! :steamhappy:




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