Dear fans,

We would like to take this opportunities to recruit beta testers for our upcoming game “The Cooking Game VR” on Oculus Go.

The Cooking Game VR is already available RIFT, will soon be available on Oculus Go.  Here is the trailer of the game.

Users who sign up for beta testing of the game will gain complimentary access to The Cooking Game VR on Oculus Go, with retail value of more than $5.

How to sign up
Please join our Discord channel below: and DM me your Oculus email address

We are happy to announce that early beta version of The Cooking Game VR is now available on Oculus Go. For those of you who have already joined our Discord channel and DM me your email address, you should have received an invitation email from Oculus and my reply on Discord.

Since this is the super early “beta” version of The Cooking Game VR,
here are a few known issues that you should expect:

1. Multiplayer feature is not working yet (should work fine in the next build)

2. Tutorial frames don’t fit well/look cropped

3. Game play balance might be a little off

4. In-game sound/sfx not working

What do we need from you?
Please feel free to share this on our Discord Channel #beta-channel-access
 1. Since the game play balance is not well configured, we would like to know from your playing experience

  • How far/many missions were you able to proceed?
  • Which mission did you find that difficulty starts to ramp up?
  • Overall, how do you like the mission difficulty to be? Easier? Harder? or No change required

    2. Any new bugs you have discovered?3. Your feedback regarding the game play mechanism, controls etc.

There is a maximum allocation of only 100 users for beta channel (set by Oculus). We have been receiving overwhelming responses from Oculus GO community. If we don’t hear any feedback from you within 7 days, we might have to offer your slot to another tester. Thank you for your understanding!

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