Bug fixes on the way….

Hi guys,

We have discovered some bugs with the Cooking Game VR from feedback and Youtube videos of the players.

So far we have gathered these following bugs:

1. it’s very challenging for player to put 3rd item onto the tray. Throwing the 3rd item on a tray (especially on Tray #1 and #4) sometime works, sometime doesn’t.

2. ┬áSometime putting item tray #1 is difficult. The item will go onto tray #2 if player doesn’t try hard enough

3. Burger/hotdog ingredients are having difficult time stacking onto the plate, especially when players are getting nervous, racing against time to complete the mission.

4. Plates and mustard bottle sometimes are hopping/bouncing on the table, especially when it’s placed too close to the oven top.

5. Taking sausage/burger meat out from the pan with plate will result in the subsequent cooking not working – see Rowdyguy video

6. Slam-dunking the ready dish onto the tray will make the dish disappear

Many thanks to RowdyGuy and Game Hard 4.0 for pointing these out in the video.

Feel free to offer us your feedback/suggestion in the comment field below.

Stay tuned!




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