Full Multiplayer Features in Development + Pledge of Support

Current Multiplayer Feature

¬†Current MP is quite limited in a way that players have to be available at the MP lobby at the same time in “Looking for Player” mode for matchmaking to pair 2 of them. The duel match will then take place, with pre-set mission goal that any of the 2 players have decided.

Full Multiplayer Features in Development


1.1. There will be a list of online players (regardless if they are playing normal campaign/hanging out at MP lobby) whom player can challenge/invite for a duel.
The challenger will get to decide what mission/goal of the match.
People can set themselves to appear offline or set themselves to auto accept challenges. When you get a challenge/invite, you will see a message, along with a notification panel. Point and press the buttons to either accept or reject the invitation.
1.2. The list of online players appearing in LOBBY can be sorted by “Chef Rank”
Each player has his/her own chef rank, determined by numbers of matches, stats of win/lose etc.
In short, the more you play MP and win, the higher your chef rank will be.


In this room, you will get to see a list of matches that are currently on-going and who is playing them.
There will be a new button called “SPECTATE” that allows you to watch the currently on-going matches.

Here you will see your past previously played matches, along with challenger/host names, dates, scores & mission goal.

We plan to allow players to set their favorite costumes for in-game CHEF, WAITRESS, include but are not limited to “attires”, “chef hat” , “gender selection” and “colour”.

Each winner of duel match will not only increase his/her “Chef Rank”, but also earn “stars”- a virtual currency that can be used to purchase “customisable avatars” items found in AVATARS SHOP
Similar to “kitchen upgrade”, it will be a place for player to purchase additional items to enhance/improve the appearance of in-game CHEF/WAITRESS.Please do support our studio for us to continue improve the game.We are only a small indie game studio that needs every bit of your support to keep operating.
By making a purchase, streaming a video, or spreading the word, however modest, you will be helping to support our game(s) in a big way. We value and appreciate every bit of help that comes our way.

Thank you!

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