Hell’s Kitchen Update is now live on Oculus RIFT store!

Hello guys,
After weeks of testing, troubleshooting, polishing etc, Hell’s Kitchen update is now made available for everyone on Oculus RIFT platform.

Here is a list of updates we added:
– Food items left too long in the cooking pans will cause kitchen fire
– Waitress will leave the kitchen area when kitchen fire occurs
– New item – “Fire extinguisher” is provided to put out the kitchen fire
– Fridge doors now auto close when opened {with a bit of “Surprise”}
– Empty plates are now breakable if slammed or thrown
– New item – “Brush” is provided to clean up the kitchen mess
– Waitress and customers will react if you throw items towards them (NOT advisableparental supervision is advised + It’s RUDE to do so)

We will upload the same update to Steam platform in the next 24 hours.

Stay tuned!


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