Bugs fix update: January 24, 2018

Update January 24, 2018 (version 0.1  Code: 6)

  • significant changes in food items physics and mechanics to allow player to stack burger/hotdog ingredients easily
  • lettuce, tomato and cooked meat will easily stay on burger bun (on plate)
  • cooked hotdog meat will stay on hotdog bun easily, even if you slam, push, squeeze it.
  • no more “slippery food” item like covered in teflon
  • no more “bouncing plate” on table top

Bug fix update: 23 January 2018

  • improved burger & hotdog making mechanics
  • (FIXED) Slam-dunking the ready dish onto the tray will make the dish disappear
  • (FIXED)  Taking sausage/burger meat out from the pan with plate will result in the subsequent cooking not working

We will be introducing new way of burger and hotdog ingredients stacking mechanics in the next build, which will be more user-friendly and easier.

Stay tuned.

Bugs fix update 22 January 2018

We have just uploaded an update to the game;

Here’s what it contains:
– Easy to pick up sausage from frying pan
– Tray is being highlighted when player points towards it (it helps to identify the tray where the item will be put)
– items placed on tray will be sorted from opposite side- it makes it easy for player to put item on the tray without reaching out further
– added indication if you put a wrong dish on the tray

Stay tuned for more.